DApp Review Criteria | DApp 审核标准

Submit your DAPP

  • https://m.maiziqianbao.net/submit/dapp?type=


  • Stable access, fixed domain name and customer service contact provided

  • DAPP’s smart contracts have been deployed to the main network and smart contracts that involving asset security have audit results from third party

  • No private key requirement to users

  • No violation of laws and regulations

  • No fraud

  • No violation of intellectual property rights of others

  • Good user experience and complete function

    DAPP SDK:http://doc.mathwallet.org/

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  • https://m.maiziqianbao.net/submit/dapp?type=


  • 访问稳定、入口域名固定、有客服联系方式
  • DApp的智能合约已经部署到主网,可公开审计,涉及资产安全的合约能够提供第三方安全机构审计结果
  • 没有要求用户输入私钥
  • 没有违反法律法规
  • 没有诈骗、欺诈行为
  • 没有侵犯他人知识产权
  • 用户体验良好,功能完整

API SDK:http://doc.mathwallet.org/


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