EOS 账户名竞拍指南 | Account Name Bidding TutorialE

所有 EOS 12位以下账户是需要通过竞拍获得的,麦子钱包目前已上线账户名竞拍DApp。

这个网站可以查到当前出价最高的账户名 https://eosmonitor.io/bidnames



导入 EOS 钱包

选择 EOS 钱包类型,输入 EOS 私钥(即之前做EOS映射时生成的私钥,如果映射的账户 EOS 数量少于1是无法导入的)。



成功导入后即可看到自己的 EOS 钱包和账户名。

竞拍 EOS 账户名需要当前账号有足够的 EOS token。



点击界面底部【应用】按钮,在应用列表中找到并点击【EOS 账户名竞价】应用。




如果之前没有任何人出价,则你可以直接出价,最小金额 0.0001 EOS。








如果你同时竞价了很多账户名,会出现内存不够的情况,此时你需要回到【应用】列表,找到并点击【购买 EOS 系统资源】应用,购买更多内存。


更多关于竞拍的问题,可以查看: EOS 账户名竞拍 Q&A

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Math Wallet has launched DApp for EOS Account Name Bidding, as the EOS Account Name that less than 12 characters only goes to the winner of the name bidding.

Note: EOS system will choose only 1 highest bidname per day from all the bidnames, so make sure you find the good time for your name. 

Download Math Wallet


Note: Math Wallet Version 1.4 has supported EOS Mainnet, but it is recommended that you carefully backup the EOS Private Key before upgrading, just in case.

Import EOS Wallet

Select EOS wallet type and enter EOS private key (the private key generated when the EOS mapping was done before, but it cannot be imported if the EOS amount of the mapped account is less than 1.00)

  • Select the default account name and enter the transfer password.
  • You can see your EOS wallet and account name after successfully importing it.
  • Bid EOS account name requires the current account has enough EOS tokens.

Check account name and bid

Click the 【DApp】at the bottom of the interface,find and click Dapp【EOS Account Name Bidding】in the DApp list.

Search the account name you want to bid for.

If no one has bid for it previously, you can bid directly with a minimum amount of 0.0001 EOS.

If someone already bids, and the account name is still in the competition (last bid is less than 24 hours), you can bid up and the minimum price needs to be at least 10% higher than the previous bid.

Check the bidding circumstance

Click on 【Bid Records】in the upper right corner to get the account name for which I am currently bidding with the highest price, the name of the account I have increased after I made the price, and the name of the successful and failed account.
For the account name you bid first, as long as the bidding has not ended, you can click 【Raise Bid】 to bid again.

Purchase RAM

If you bid for many account names at the same time, there will be insufficient RAM. At this point, you need to go back to the 【DApp】list, find and click the DApp 【Purchase EOS System Resource】 to purchase more RAM.

For more questions about EOS account name bidding, please check: Q&A of EOS Account Name Bidding.

If you still have any questions, please join our telegram for help: