EOS 钱包迁移的 Q&A

本文主要收集和整理以前映射用户迁移到 EOS 正式版钱包的各种问题


Q:为什么我的EOS钱包名称变成了 12 位奇怪的字符?
A:因为 EOS 主网启动时,把所以做过映射,且余额大于等于1EOS的账户,自动分配了一个随机的12位字符作为账户名。麦子钱包会自动搜索并添加对应钱包,您不需要重新导入私钥。

A:如果您原来映射的钱包中EOS数量小于1,根据目前EOS主网启动规则,该钱包不能导入。如果EOS数量大于1,建议您可以先在 https://eosauthority.com/ 输入映射的ETH地址查看,然后重新导入EOS私钥。如果还是有问题,您可以添加群秘微信号 MediShares03 寻求帮助。

Q:为什么我的EOS钱包里面只有 10 EOS了?
A:因为 EOS 主网启动时,为了鼓励大家投票,不管您原来的EOS钱包里面有多少EOS,只保留10个可转账EOS,其余全部作为抵押。您可以在麦子EOS钱包 – 应用 – 购买EOS系统资源 中查看详细数据。

Q:被默认抵押的 EOS 如何提出来?
A:EOS钱包 – 应用 – EOS超级节点投票,调整质押资产,即可将质押的EOS提出。提到余额需要3天时间,期间这些EOS会出于待退款状态。



This article mainly collects the questions of EOS Wallet corresponding to the previous EOS mapping

Note: Math Wallet Version 1.4 has supported EOS Mainnet, but it is recommended that you carefully backup the EOS Private Key before upgrading, just in case.

Q: Why is my EOS wallet name changed to 12 weird characters?

A: Because the EOS main network is started and mapped, the account with a balance greater than or equal to 1EOS is automatically assigned a random 12 character as the account name. Math wallet will automatically search for and add the corresponding wallet, you do not need to re-import the private key.

Q: Why did my EOS wallet disappear after it was upgraded?

A: If the number of EOS in your original mapped wallet is less than 1, according to the current EOS main network rules, the wallet cannot be imported. If the number of EOS is greater than 1, it is recommended that you first check the mapped ETH address at https://eosauthority.com/ and then re-import the EOS private key. If you still have any questions, you could join our telegram for help: https://t.me/mathwallet.

Q: Why is there only 10 EOS in my EOS wallet?

A: In order to encourage everyone to vote, no matter how many EOS in your original EOS wallet, only 10 transferable EOS are reserved, and all others are staked. You can check detailed data in Math EOS Wallet — 【DApp】— 【Purchase EOS System Resource】.

Q: How to withdraw the default staked EOS ?

A: Go to 【EOS Wallet】 — 【DApp】— 【EOS Block Producer Voting】, and then adjust staked assets. The withdraw process usually takes 3 days, and during this period, the EOS will be in the status of refunding.

Q: What is the system resource? What is it used for?

A: The EOS system operation process(such as registering an account) requires the corresponding resources, including CPU, bandwidth, and RAM. You can get CPU and bandwidth by staking EOS, but you need to buy RAM. Also, you could purchase the system resource in Math Wallet by click the Ram, Net and CPU bar.

If you still have any questions, you could join our telegram for help:


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